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MineFire(Fire and Gas Flow Simulation Software)

Windows-based package of programs that combines the utility of the former US Bureau of Mines' MFire code with Windows data representation, and the user-friendliness and reliability of the VnetPC program. Allows the user to simulate fires, heat flow, contaminant flow, and/or natural ventilation in underground ventilation networks using the familiar VnetPC graphical and tabular interfaces.

ClimSIM(Software to aid in the prediction thermodynamic and psychrometric properties)

Software designed to aid mine ventilation and environmental engineers in the prediction of the thermodynamic and psychrometric properties of air as it flows through underground airways.

DuctSIM (Simulation Software for Auxiliary Ventilation Systems)

Simulation program designed for both the mining and tunneling industries to assist engineers and planners with the design and modelling of fan and duct systems.

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VnetPC PRO+ (Ventilation network simulator)

VnetPC PRO+ is a ventilation network simulator originally developed by Dr. Malcolm J. McPherson. It is designed to assist personnel in the planning of underground ventilation layouts.


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